Five Steps To Spice Up Love Life

Your marriage depends on four pillars - love, trust, commitment and sex. The last one but not the least holds the key to a happy married life. A good or rather an amazing sex life, brings happiness to your marriage, as sex is not only physical satisfaction but also holds the key of togetherness. As sexual relation has a great effect on psychology, it is necessary to make the session interesting. After all variety is the spice of life. 

Five Steps To Spice Up -

1.Blindfold Her - It is a known fact that when one of the sensory organs stop working others become more alert. The same thing happens when you blindfold her. When she cannot see, she senses better. She does not know where you are, she does not know your next act, this stimulates her senses and excites her. This excitement induces an excited lovemaking.

2.Teach Her - Women like a well aware partner. Learn some amazing techniques and apply them each time you are on bed. Each time give her a new experience. She is sure to appreciate. A new position or a new style of lovemaking gets the session hotter and you end up fully satisfied.

3.Sensuous Massage - Your lady love may be tensed, as is the case with many girls. Your loving touch will let her unwind. The art of touch plays a great role in lovemaking. Give her a soothing massage. Massage her tense area. This will allow energy to flow and you will end up great in bed.

4.Watch An Adult Movie - After dining, switch on a dim light, hug on to each other and watch an adult movie. Let your hand explore her, as you get aroused. This will let her have the signals. It is a proven fact that after watching adult movies, partners have a steamy session on bed. Adult movies are educating and has the ability to arouse you.

5.Seduce Her - Cover the bed with satin bed sheet and cover you lady in that. The silky touch of the satin, will make both of you forget the world and get high. The smooth feel, has an amazing arousal capacity.

Walk these five steps together and you are sure to reach an sizzling lovemaking moment with your lady love. An amazing sex life always lead to an amazing love life.

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Story first published: Friday, May 28, 2010, 16:27 [IST]

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