No More Kamasutra Style: Please Use Your Senses

Physical intimacy
Forget Viagra, sex toys or master Kama Sutra-style sexual gymnastics, the key ingredients to a great sex are all in your mind, according to recent study. And age can and shall never be a problem. No matter what your age is, yet you can end up with some enthralling moment with your beloved.

Contrary to the pop culture notion that hot looks and masterful technique are what that matter, a recent research in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality found that the real essentials are emotional connection between partners, communication and focus. So, physical intimacy doesn't actually need some extra qualities that one must have thought of.

The main key points that one has to look for, is,

1. Be focused:

Live for the moment. Keep away those disturbing gadgets - your mobile phones - and concentrate. Remember, the night is still young.

2. Be in sync:

The depth of connection is critical to the experience, with lovers becoming one and synchronous as their energies align. Don't be a mean dastard. Go extra mile, if need be. After all, it's the satisfaction that matters.

3. Erotic intimacy:

Looking for one wild night? Well, there's nothing wrong in it. Every one does it. But, at the end, what matters is the respect you show for your love. Get dirty, get wild. But have that extra care for your beloved. These include caring, deep mutual respect, admiration, and true acceptance of one another.

4. Extraordinary communication:

Lovers realizing optimal sex are able to read their partner's bodily responses, truly feeling them. They also listen in both verbal and non-verbal ways, picking up on little things and being sensitive in every way.

5. Maintain transparency:

You might just be too high in testosterone. So be it. But maintain the transparency. Let her know what you feel, or what you have on your mind.

6. Vulnerability and surrender:

Lovers have a willingness to expose themselves, to truly be seen. In putting themselves in another's hands, they relinquish themselves, ultimately penetrating each other's souls.

7. Exploration:

You can do it, and there's nothing that will dissuade you from doing it. Sex is an adventure, with lovers becoming explorers as lovemaking becomes one of discovery. Such is complemented by unleashing one's sense of humor and laughter.


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