Master The Art Of Self Pleasure ...Contd

The mere word masturbation will make many people uncomfortable as they deeply believe that this is an act of moral and ethical offense. The guilt feeling may work as a hindrance to orgasm. Changing the attitude towards this sexual act itself will make people enjoying masturbation in the fullest sense. One should understand that it is not physically harmful, will not cause diseases or infertility, and is a normal expression of sexuality. Masturbation is a normal part of human sexual development.

Consider masturbation from a medical perspective. We can say without fear of contradiction that there is no scientific evidence to indicate that this act is harmful to the body.

Despite terrifying warnings given to young people historically, it does not cause blindness, weakness, mental retardation or any other physical problem. Knowing this itself will wipe away all the unnecessary fears and tensions from your mind and you will find masturbation more and more joyful.

Make sure that you are not doing it in a way that enhances feelings of shame or guilt about the activity! Self-pleasuring is a fun thing, and it's certainly a natural part of human sexuality!

The act can bring about relaxation, pleasure, tension release, and physical satisfaction. Some sources indicate that masturbation in older children and teenagers can produce better control over sexual urges. Researchers generally agree that since masturbation does not usually bring the same psychological satisfaction as sexual interaction with another person, the activity declines or ceases altogether once an individual becomes involved in a sexual relationship with a partner.

Story first published: Friday, September 7, 2007, 14:50 [IST]

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