Adult Toys For Him And Her

In the previous article we discussed Adult toys in general. Adult toys add a lot of creativity in your lovemaking; opening doors to reach greater heights by reaching those areas that have never been ventured to before. Now let us see the toys specific to men and women.


Adult Toys for women: Women have many erogenous zones. There are toys to titillate the many zones.

Vaginal balls: As the name suggests these have two or more balls connected with a thread, which are to be inserted for vaginal stimulation. However it is also claimed that the use of these balls enhances sensations during partner sex and improves sexual health as well. They are available in various shapes, textures and materials. Popular in this category are gold balls, vibro balls, orgasm balls. Some of these are discreet and small. They can be carried around and used without letting out your secret.

Nipple vibrator: Breasts and nipples are erogenous zones, which are very sensitive. When stimulated the pleasure is immense. Keeping this in mind nipple toys are designed. With gentle vibrations, the nipple vibrator gives maximum pleasure.

Male Dolls: These close to life male dolls are at your service, every time your passions and desires soar. This perfectly resembles a male body with all its essential characteristics and functionalities. High quality male dolls can hardly be distinguished from human skin. These dolls have features like vibrating tongue and vibrating/rotating organ...pleasure assured.


Small and Discreet toys: Though small they have to power to heat up your act and titillate your most sensitive areas. Miniature vibrators, vaginal balls, clitoral stimulators and other little toys help you enhance your pleasure.


Adult Toys for men: There are a variety of toys available for him. We will discuss a few here.

Cock rings: are designed to prolong an erection. Some vibrate and have a clitoral stimulator, to enhance the pleasure of the partner.

Male organ extensions & Pumps: This can enhance the pleasure of both partners. These are designed to give extra girth and length to the organ. They are available with vibrator and clitoris stimulator. They may be dotted or ribbed. The organ pumps are designed to make him big and hard. The pleasure is immense and is a boost to manliness.

Vaginal toys: This toy imitates a female organ. Made from high quality material this gives a realistic feel to the toy. Some are available with vibrations, enhancing sensations and pleasure.

Female Dolls: These are perfect imitations of a female body. Made with high quality materials they give a very natural and realistic feeling. These dolls have features like vibrating tongue and vibrating organ...very desirable.

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Story first published: Friday, March 9, 2007, 17:01 [IST]

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