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The market for adult toys (sex toys) is amazing and varied. Walk into an adult store and the available range will take you by surprise. Before buying any, it is important to understand that each toy is designed for a specific purpose and hence not only will the materials used to manufacture them, differ, their features also will. There are specific toys for men and women. You can choose one according to your need/needs.


For your convenience let us discuss a few.

Dildos: These are very popular sex toys and come in different sizes, colors and materials. These are toys for women, taking the shape of a man's organ. Different types of dildos are available in the market. Suction cup dildos- these keep the hands free, strap on dildos, double ended dildo- can be used with your partner. It is two flexible dildos attached to each other at the base.

Also are available, Dual action dildos and Realistic dildos. Most popular among these are the Realistic dildos, because of their close resembles in texture and look of a man's organ. It might be surprising to know that dildos have been in use since the ancient times in various cultures across the globe.

Vibrators: As the name suggests, vibrators vibrate against the body, thus stimulating the zones and giving rise to an erotic feeling. It is a battery-operated toy, used by both men and women for stimulation. Popular among these are: Rabbit Vibrators (dual action- vibrators)- these have a shaft and stimulator, which helps in simultaneous stimulation of the zones.

G-Spot vibrators, as the name suggests helps stimulate the G-spot. Those who have identified their G-Spots know the high level of pleasure it offers.

Traditional vibrators, is generally made of hard plastic material and renders full vibration. Basically designed for women.


Clitoral vibrators are designed keeping a woman's pleasure points in mind. They come in various forms like, suction pumps, clit stimulators and massagers. Egg or bullet vibrators have an oblong form of an egg. They are multifunctional, so can be used both externally and internally.

Discreet Vibrators look like small animal toys, like ducks, penguins and can be carried around, discreetly. Using them discreetly gives a kick anyways. Stap- on vibrators keep the hands free to caress the partner while extensive stimulation is being done. Waterproof vibrators are also available which allow you to get pleasure in and out of water. You can use them in your bathtub, Jacuzzi, private pool etc.

Anal Toys: These are used by both men and women for anal stimulation. It is noticed that men around the world derive immense pleasure from anal stimulation. Anal adult toys are for anal sex lovers. Butt Plugs is designed for anal penetration and looks similar to dildos but are thinner. They are available in various textures and shapes. Anal vibrators are designed to provide intensive stimulation. Anal Beads are usually used at the time of climax to add extended pleasure and sensation.

Above are discussed adult toys common to both men and women. In the next article we shall talk about toys specific to men and women.

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Story first published: Friday, February 16, 2007, 14:45 [IST]

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