How To Master The Art Of Oral Sex

Sex is a matter of enjoyment, exploration and passion between two souls. Therefore to enjoy the passion, one must explore the possibilities. Sex is not always being on top of the other and finishing off with an orgasm. It has a greater scope for exploration and stretching your limits beyond for immeasurable pleasure.

One of the most craved for exploration is the idea of oral sex. Not many women enjoy the idea of taking their partner's manhood into their mouth. But let us make one thing clear, having oral sex does not make you a demeaning in any way. In fact, a bit of slutty touch can actually make your man feel all the more hot in bed. Give him a good blow job and see how he goes all crazy about you.

How To Master The Art Of Oral Sex

So, how do you master the art of oral sex? Check out these amazing tips.

Open Up
We do not mean to open up only your mouth. We mean that you open up your mind too. Sex is an amazing thing only if can open up your mind a little. There is no reason to feel dirty about giving a blowjob to your man. The more willing you are to show you are up for a bit of naughty fun and genuinely enjoying yourself, the more likely he is to enjoy himself too.

Turn Yourself On
Before you start to turn on your man, turn on yourself. Start preparing yourself even before he arrives. Ignite the sexy thoughts in your mind, think about your wildest fantasies and play with your own body. So, by the time he arrives, you just have to unzip him and have your wicked way through. Kiss him hard, push him on the chair, unzip him, kiss his thigh, pull out his penis and get him excited by rubbing it between your palms.

The Tongue Job
Put your tongue to good use. Run your tongue up and down his shaft. Then swirl your tongue on the head of the penis and lick the urethra. Now head towards the perineum. It is the area between his anus and testicles. Run your tongue from the perineum towards the head of his penis. He will go mad with the pleasure.

No Teeth
Be very careful about not to dig in your teeth into his penis. Be very gentle. Only use your lips when you take the thing in and shove it towards your throat. Don't worry you would not get choked. Then slowly move to and fro. Don't keep it in your mouth for too long. Make it fun. Take out the penis once in a while out of your mouth and stroke it. Talk dirty to your mate and ask him whether he is enjoying it. Communicate and moan. Let the mood build up till he orgasms.

Give it a try and let us know how your man liked your killer techniques.

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