How To Convince Your Lady For Anal Sex

Women just don't like the idea of anal sex. Most women have had a bad experience of painful anal sex before which makes them keep away from it for life. Others have just heard of the painful stories of other women and never want to try it. So, unless you have a girl who is masochistic, pain is not something that she would appreciate.

On the other hand men love to explore the anal area of their women. It gives them a different kick and just the thought of having anal sex with their girlfriend drives them crazy. So, what do you do when you are dying to have anal sex with your lady and she is against the idea? The first step is to talk to her. Ask her what makes her hesitant and find out what you can do to do away with her fears.

How To Convince Your Lady For Anal Sex

Once you have found out ways to have anal sex without pain, the next step is only to convince your lady love for it. Take a look at these basic tips which you need to follow in order to convince your lady for anal sex.

Find Pleasure In The Pain
The anal area is a very sensitive one. If you force in too much, the tissues may tear and lead to bleeding. Therefore you need to stimulate the area first in order to avoid the initial pain. Anal play is absolutely necessary if you want your partner to enjoy her anal experience with you.

Set It Up Correctly
If its her first time then you need be extra careful with the methods and techniques you are going to try. You need her to get relaxed because if she is nervous, her anus will tighten and it will be extremely difficult and painful for both of you to have anal sex. So, have a nice bubble bath or hardcore porn or lubricants ready to make her feel comfortable and aroused.

Start Slowly
Do not directly hit her butt. Start slowly. Take your time with the foreplay and make sure she is enjoying it. Use your fingers or sex toys to stimulate her anal opening. Use small toys until she gets used to the idea of it. Use lubricants because anus does not produce self lubrication like the vagina. Lubricants will help you to ensure a smooth ride.

First, use condom while going in. There are increased chances of wear and tear in anal sex which makes you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and infections . Next is to make good use of lubricants and make the area as slippery as possible. Don't force yourself in. Just penetrate slowly and get the tip of your penis past the sphincter of the anus. Once you feel it is going in, give a gentle thrust. Once you get past the sphincter, it becomes easier for both of you to enjoy the rest of the action.

Try out these tips to convince your lady into some anal action. It will be worth it.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 3, 2014, 11:05 [IST]
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