Facts About His Man Parts You Must Know!

What makes your man go crazy in bed? Doesn't he love it when you play with his man part? Some women feel shy to touch or even look at their partner's man parts. But ladies, if you really want to spice up your sex life and want your man to go crazy over you, then you have to give up your shyness and get into some serious exploration.

Men love their women partners to take charge and explore their body. The sensitive and warm touch of a woman on their man part surely drives men wild. So, if you want to make your man love you even more, then give up on the shyness and get ready to explore your man.

Facts About His Man Parts You Must Know!

Touching your partner's man parts can not only excite him, it simultaneously excites you too. So, if you have never touched him this way before or you want to do it the correct way then, you must know a few facts about his man parts.

The Smooth Tip
The tip of your man's penis is very soft and smooth. While giving him a hand job when the skin gets pulled, the friction makes your man excited. But if your man does not have foreskin then this does not apply to him.

Shower him with compliments for the size, shape, texture or anything that you like about his penis. Men love to be complimented about their man part.

Not Just The Penis
When we say man part, we don't only mean the penis. The testicles are also a point of great excitement for me. They love it when you play with the balls during foreplay. So, don't forget the balls!

The Nipples
Just like you feel the indescribable pleasure when he touches your nipples, your man also gets a rush when you touch his. So, try running your tongue on his nipples and then watch the show begin.

Touch Of The Tongue
Your man turns wilder when you touch his man part with your tongue. Just lick the lower part of his penis with your tongue and he will give up anything for you. The feel of your tongue on his man part gives him an unforgettable sensation.

So, now that you know enough about your man's man parts, you can begin your experiments with him. Just start slowly and watch him go wild with pleasure and surprise.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 17:17 [IST]
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