Toy Your Lust Hygienically

Hygenic Toys
Sex toys are the best friends of people who love sex. They enjoy toying their lust. These toys are used by own and with a partner. Sex toys are suggested to people who have problem in reaching orgasm.

Although people use sex toys very frequently, they fail when it's time to clean them. The main reason behind, not cleaning the sex toy can be either their ignorance or carelessness.

Clean And Responsible Usage Of Sex Toy : Experts say that if you don't use your sex toy with proper cleaning measures, you can be affected with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

Also sharing sex toys are not advised, if at all you share it with your partner or friend make sure that you clean it thoroughly after their use. Usually sex toys come with the instructions to clean. Strictly follow those instructions and keep it clean.

People use sex toys in different parts of their body, like vagina, anus or mouth. It's highly recommended to clean and use it after every usage. For example, when you use the sex toy in your vagina and would want to use it in your mouth, then make sure that you clean it before shifting it to your mouth.

I would put down here some instructions to keep your sex toy clean. These are general guidelines. It is always advised to follow the cleaning instructions given along with the toy.

Vibrating Sex Toys : These sex toys should be cleaned using cotton and alcohol. Rub the alcohol pad on your vibrator carefully and clean it. You can also use the sex toy spray.

Glass And Plastic Dildos : These toys can be cleaned using water and soap. Wash these thoroughly with water and soap, then dry it with a towel. Even for these toys you can use alcohol pads.

Water Proof Vibrators : This can be cleaned with alcohol pads or can be cleaned with water. You can also use the sex toy spray for these toys.

I would suggest you to keep a check on your sex toys for any crack or breakage. Because these cracks or breaks can lead to the accumulation of germs in your sex toy. Hence it will harm your health. It's also advised not to use the toy if it has a crack.

Healthy toying of your lust can be achieved only through cleanliness. Hence when you use these toys make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions. And lead a healthy and clean sex toying.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 15:21 [IST]

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