What Influences Women’s Sexuality?

Sensual Woman
The most commonly asked question about women would be "What is there in a woman's mind?" The second question will definitely be what affects women's sexual interest? Many believe that age play a significant role in women's sexual interests.

The sexual activity among middle-aged and elderly women is not only controlled by the age. It is also affected by the partner's health and his interest in lovemaking. In contrast to the common belief many middle age women are sexually active and possess a moderate sexual desire in their middle ages.

Among sexually inactive women, the most common reason was lack of interest in lovemaking. The lack of a partner, physical problem of partner and the lack of interest by partner also contribute to the issue. Women who detain from the sexual activity due to physical problem of partner consisted the minority.

Among middle-aged women, sexual activity was defined as any activity that was arousing, including masturbation. In that case, a substantial portion of women are interested and engaged in sexual activity as they age. Treatment directed solely at improving women's sexual functioning, such as medications, may not substantially affect their activity if partner issues also are not addressed. Clinicians should consider a woman's overall health when addressing concerns about sexual inactivity.

The study appears in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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