Have A Big Penis? Deal With It!

There are so many things that are associated with the penis size. If it is small, there are sexual problems. And when it is big, there are issues in bed!!! We all know how to deal with a man who has a small penis. But what to do when he has a penis that is too big?

Having a big penis can be a burden. It becomes difficult for a woman to enjoy sex when you are huge down there. This is because penetration is painful and can be difficult too. So, how to deal with a man who has a big penis? Check out these easy tips that can help you overcome this sexual problem.

Have A Big Penis? Deal With It!

Ways to deal with big penis:

Foreplay: Indulge more in foreplay as this can help you decrease the time of penetration. The more foreplay you two indulge in, the lesser time he will take to cum. This will become easier to deal with painful sex due to a huge penis. However, make sure you reach orgasm otherwise you will remain dissatisfied. Moreover, when a woman is excited, the vagina widens and lengthens. Thus, penetration is easier and less painful.

Be slow: This is another way to deal with a big penis. Speedy sex can become more painful due to the penis size. So, firstly, you have to increase the vaginal opening by going slow. Once the stretchability of the vagina is ensured, you can increase the pace slowly. But in the beginning, reduce the pain by going slow.

Use lubes: It is one of the best ways to soothe vaginal pain due to a huge penis. Always use lots of lubricants to reduce pain during sex. Apart from preventing your vagina from drying up, a lube can make it easier for him to enter inside without hurting you. The more slippery you are down there, the better it is for him.

Women on top: This is one sex position that can be really helpful for couples. Simply because the woman can control the penetration and pace of the intercourse. If you opt for missionary position, the pain can be more and the you cannot stop him every time in between the flow to control the pace of the intercourse. So, it is safe to go on top of him and play the game!

These are few ways to deal with a long penis. Talk to your man so that full cooperation is there while you two enjoy sex.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 13:40 [IST]
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