Sex "Positions" Which Men Crave For!

Having sex with your partner is always fun. But how about making it more spicy so that your partner just cannot have enough of you? Sounds great, doesn't it? It is like this - One tends to get bored if they eat the same food everyday! Similarly, having sex in the same position each time can get boring too. So, ladies it is time to find out what your man desires in bed and do something about it!

All men fantasise about their women doing crazy things to them in bed. You have to find out what your man wants from you. Once you get to know how he wants you in bed, there is nothing that can stop you from being the Sex Goddess. Guys want to have sex in different ways. By that we mean they love to experiment with sex positions. There are a few sex positions which men crave to try out.

Sex Positions Which Men Crave For!

So, let us have a look at the sex positions which men crave to try out.

Deep Thrust Positions

You may like it gentle. But your man just craves to thrust inside you. Most men like to have a deep penetration. But they are afraid to try it out because they feel they might end hurting up their ladies in bed. They especially love to take on the woman from behind, bend her over the table, spread her legs and then enter her from behind.

Rear Entry

Not all women enjoy anal sex. But that does not mean you cannot fulfill his fantasy of showing off your ass. Try out positions like the doggy style where you are on all your fours and your man has the full view of your behind. He will not be able to resist the invitation to enter you from the back. You can try facing the wall and ask him to thrust from behind. It is one of the most naughty positions which men just die to try out.

Legs In The Air

Another most desired sex position is stretching your legs up in the air while he thrusts into you with full might. This makes your guy get a full view of you while climaxing. This is one of the best positions you can try with your guy and make him go wild with pleasure.

So, try out these sex positions and watch your man getting crazy with pleasure.

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