Why Women Have Violent Dark Fantasies?

Dark Fantasies Women
Dark fantasies are not the solo premise of men. In fact psychiatrists believe that women can be aggressive beyond imagination when it comes to sensuality. While man's fantasies are predictable and raunchy, a woman hides a really wild fantasy in the depth of her heart. It is such a dark fantasy that she guards it with all her might. That much coveted fantasy is believed to be a rape fantasy. Shocking isn't it? But it is a secret told and retold for many generations.

Men may find this concept totally confusing and false in the context of the modern day independent woman but nature is hard to change. Here are some plausible explanations for this violent thought.

Why Women Have Dark Fantasies?

  • Sensuality in women has been traditionally repressed by society. While it is thought of as manly for men to give outlet to your sensual thoughts, women are considered loose if they do the same. As a result women have learned to suppress their feelings mutely. But the energy of these suppressed feelings manifests itself in the form of dreams of violence in bed.
  • It is strange that women who are otherwise repelled by show of violence enjoy it in bed. They will not be able to stomach scenes of violence but get aggressive with a woman in bed and she will follow you like a moon eyed girl!
  • The only explanation for this phenomenon is that almost every woman has a masochist hidden inside her. They enjoy pain as much as they are repulsed by it. They want to be forced or rather taken by force. The humiliation of it thrills them and that is not abnormal. It can be explained with psychology.
  • The spots of pain and pleasure in our brain are adjacent; the nerves carrying the stimuli are also common. So there is actually a very thin like of difference between pleasure and pain. You never know when pleasure becomes pain and pain becomes pleasure.
  • The most vital point of this whole discussion is the difference between actual rape and the perception of rape. Most women perceive rape in a very romantic way. They think that everything will turn out as they have imagined. The will be taken by force in the way that pleases them.
  • What they miss understand is that rape is total loss of control. Unlike their dark fantasies with their lover, a real life rape is a deeply bruising experience. It cannot be controlled or modified according to their wild fantasy.
  • Many psychologists also argue that the modern day woman has been mentally and financially liberated but the ancient collective unconscious memory of violence still remains in her mind. If there is urge to submit herself then she chooses to do so physically because that is her natural instinct.

Lovemaking ideas of two individuals rarely match, so not every woman or man may agree with these points about the dark fantasies we have.

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