Types Of Sex Men Must Have In Their Lifetime

If you think getting into bed with your lady and having an orgasm is the only way to have sex, then you are probably wrong. There is much more to sex than that. Sex is an art. It is a mode of enjoyment and satisfaction: mental, physical and otherwise.

We all crave for sex irrespective of age or gender. Women are usually shy when it comes to talking about sex in comparison to men who like variety even on bed. But what if we say that bed is not the only place to have sex in? Thrilling isn't it? There are various forms and types of sex which men would definitely enjoy and so would their counterparts. Having variety in your sex life only helps in reviving your relationship. Changing the style of sex adds more flavour to your otherwise dull life.

So, check out these different types of sex which every man must have in his lifetime.

Vacation Sex

Frustrated with the stress in life? Head to the nearest beach with your lady and de-stress with some awesome sex positions. Book a nice resort, get dirty anywhere and everywhere with your girl. You will not forget this experience ever.

Rough Sex

Every man and woman's wildest fantasy is to have rough and wild sex. Bring out the animal in you and have a hot session with your girl.

Make-up Sex

Having a hot argument with your girl? Make it hotter. Arguments usually build up the sexual tension between you and your partner. Sex will feel more enjoyable than usual.

Quick Sex

Sexual urges often arise at the most unappropriate situation. Make all situations appropriate with quick sex. Have it in the loo or in your bedroom while your parents are around or in the backseat of the car. Nothing more crazy and satisfying like quick sex.

Loud Sex

Give up the hush-hush matter for a while and have some noisy sex. Make loud noises, moan loudly, talk dirty and tell her all your fantasies.


Talk it out with your girl. Surely, you always wanted to have this atleast once. Let her take the charge and the whip. Surrender yourself to your woman and let her tie you up. Enjoy the surprises that come in.


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