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Sex Tips

Tips To Handle Bad Sex
Tips To Handle Bad Sex
Not everyday can be your day! Sometimes you do end up having the worst intercourse session. Then obviously you feel all miserable and down. But once its over, there is nothing much that you can do about it, except planning for ...
Tips For Women To Have Quick Orgasms
Another night of disappointment where he had all the fun and you just became the means? Then you should learn the tips and tricks to make your sex life as enjoyable as his. Research has proven that most women fake ...
Tips For Women Quick Orgasms
Tips To Prepare For One Night Stand
Tips To Prepare For A One Night Stand
Casual sex can be fun. One night stands, getting drunk, having a blast with a man can be one of the most exciting thing that you can do. But if you are not the person who is not familiar with ...
How To Make Your Man Go Down On You
Nothing excites like oral sex. Be it man or a woman, oral sex can be a great stress buster for both. It is often said that men are the only ones who enjoy oral sex. But you may be wrong. Even ...
How To Make Man Go Down On You
Use Your Tongue To Excite Your Man
Use Your Tongue To Excite Your Man!
A woman's tongue is one of the deadliest weapon that you can think of. Wome have been often criticised for having a tongue which they cannot keep in control. Their tongue is supposedly responsible for the fights, heartbreaks, ranting and moaning ...
Types Of Sex Men Must Have In Their Lifetime
If you think getting into bed with your lady and having an orgasm is the only way to have sex, then you are probably wrong. There is much more to sex than that. Sex is an art. It is a mode ...
Types Of Sex Men Must Have
How To Convince Your Lady For Anal Sex
How To Convince Your Lady For Anal Sex
Women just don't like the idea of anal sex. Most women have had a bad experience of painful anal sex before which makes them keep away from it for life. Others have just heard of the painful stories of other women ...
How To Master The Art Of Oral Sex
Sex is a matter of enjoyment, exploration and passion between two souls. Therefore to enjoy the passion, one must explore the possibilities. Sex is not always being on top of the other and finishing off with an orgasm. It has a ...
How To Master Art Of Oral Sex
Tips To Have Perfect Foot Sex
Tips To Have The Perfect Foot Sex
Foot fetish is a very common thing nowadays. Some people are overly attracted to the feet of their partners. So much so that the idea of having foot sex is enough to give them goosebumps. If you are new to ...
Best Masturbation Tips For Women
Having solo sex has its own share of fun. Though men do it quite often, women find it difficult to masturbate. The reason behind this is women are not aware of the way they can have fun with their body. Once ...
Best Masturbation Tips For Women
Facts To Know About Man Parts You Must Know
Facts About His Man Parts You Must Know!
What makes your man go crazy in bed? Doesn't he love it when you play with his man part? Some women feel shy to touch or even look at their partner's man parts. But ladies, if you really want to spice ...
Best Times To Have Sex With Your Partner
Time is an important factor when you want to have sex with your partner. There are certain times when you feel really horny and can go to any extent to make love. Having sex at the right time and at the ...
Best Times To Have Sex With Partner
Tips To Excite Your Sagittarius Man
Tips To Excite Your Sagittarius Man
If you are a light hearted and easy going person than Sagittarius man is going to love you. Sagittarius men make excellent lovers. They are simple, honest and fun loving species. They have a sense of adventure in them and are ...

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