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How To Use Ashwagandha For Erectile Dysfunction
Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb which became popular mainly due to its benefits for men's sexual problems. Of course, this herb also improves overall health, reduces stress and increases lifespan apart from increasing libido levels. It helps boost the production ...
How To Use Ashwagandha For Erectile Dysfunction
Why Coconut Oil Should Not Be Used As Lubricant
Why Coconut Oil Is A Bad Lubricant!
Coconut oil is healthy. But wait! It doesn't mean that you can use it as a lubricant! Why? Well, it has its own set of disadvantages. In fact, it is not at all safe to use cooking oils and petroleum jelly ...
Facts About Boobs! The Last One Will Blow Your Mind!
Big or small, it doesn't matter. All men like breasts. In fact, the most thrilling moment of a man's life is when he gets the chance to see and touch his partner's breasts for the first time. When a man hugs ...
Interesting Facts About Boobs
Benefits Of The Doggy Style Position
Doggy Style: Why It Offers So Much Of Pleasure
The doggy style is not just for the back-door-entry. It works very well for vaginal intercourse too. In fact, a man can enjoy the penetration more from behind as a woman's butt acts like a cushion. And yes, women too enjoy ...
How To Stimulate His G-Spot & Make Him Scream With Pleasure!
Do G-spots really exist? Well, don't get into such questions. Your man's body has some areas which are really sensitive. Stimulating those points will make him scream in pleasure. The male G-spot is said to exist somewhere near the anus. Stimulating ...
How To Stimulate His G Spot
How To Massage Your Penis And Make It Bigger!
Every man dreams of a big penis. Some men also get an ego boost if their size increases. There are a lot more who buy expensive pills and lotions to grow their members. It is advisable to stay away from all ...
How To Massage Your Penis And Make It Big
How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good
How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good
There is something intoxicating about the smell and taste of a healthy vagina. That is why men crave to lick it. The smell and taste of the lady part comes partly from the liquids that ooze out during intercourse. A healthy ...
Premature Ejaculation? Try These Tips Now!!
Premature ejaculation kills your confidence! And, confidence kills premature ejaculation! Of course, it is easy to talk about being confident or staying relaxed; but it is tough to implement. So, here are some tips to help you to practically deal with ...
How To Stop Premature Ejaculation
Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her
Things You Need To Know Before Going Down On Her
Sometimes, a blow job works better than penetration. Yes, many couples admit it. Some men and women experience orgasm only when a tongue touches the privates. Every man dreams of a woman who can lick his balls well. In the same ...
Rub This Cream And Lick Her There!
Is your partner complaining that she is bored of your regular moves even after you have put in lots of efforts? Then get some whipped cream from the refrigerator. Seriously! No, you are not going to use it as a lubricant. ...
How To Use Whipped Cream To Lick Her
Tips Spice Up Romance Make Love
Spice Up Romance With These Tips!
<p><strong></strong>In this busy life, couples hardly get time to make love and the interest also goes off gradually due to office and household tensions among the couples. In some cases the man is very busy and seldom gets time for ...
Why Are Men Attracted To Breasts?
Why are men attracted to breasts? Rather than looking into the eyes, men often are more interested in staring at the boobs below the neck while talking to a girl. So, what is it about the big breasts that attract men ...
Men Attracted To Breasts Men Love
Lovemaking Spice Up Romance Tips
Spice Up Lovemaking For A New Session!
It is believed that, after orgasm men want to sleep but women wakes up and want to talk. So while the lady love is craving for more, the man sleeps thus making her feel irritated. Unfortunately, the women feels depressed thinking ...

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