Face To Face Sitting Sex Position

There are many sex positions that can be mind blowing and give you the bed breaking orgasm! Trying the same old sex positions after few days is really boring. So, here is a new sex position that couples must try tonight.

The face to face sitting position:

This is a sexy position where you get to see each other and enjoy the orgasm to the fullest.

How to do the face to face sitting sex position?

Face To Face Sitting Sex Position

The man will sit with his legs spread apart. The woman will sit in front of him (facing him) and then insert inside him. The woman can place her legs on the shoulders of her man to allow deeper penetration. The man or woman or both can control the pace and penetration of the intercourse. The woman can take over control by sitting on his lap and trying the Tantric sex position at the same time. If you feel tired, just lie down and let your partner do the action.

Why couples would love face to face sitting sex position?

You get to see each other: This is one of the benefits of trying this sex position. You get to see the partner just in front of you. The body movements, gestures and expressions can excite you all the more.

Deeper penetration: In this sex position, the penetration is deeper especially if the woman places her legs on the shoulders of her man. Even other way around, the penetration is deep.

You control the pace: Either you or the woman decided to control the speed and penetration in this sex position. You control as per your needs, comfort and excitement levels.

Easy orgasm: Orgasm is easier in this sex position simply because there is enough space to play with the clitoris.

Try the face to face sitting sex position to enjoy pleasure at a different level.

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