Morning Sex Positions You Would Love!

Morning is one of the best times to have sex with your partner. Fresh day, cozy hug with your partner and a morning erection can add spice to the romantic lazy mood. It is the best time to start up a day. Many couples have sex in the morning to fight morning erection and also spend some quality time together after getting up. If you want to make your mornings more special, try these sex positions to make a lousy beginning highly active.

Sex positions to try in the mornings:

Morning Sex Position

The erotic end: It is a sex position to boost up your lady love. Just caress her and love her to arouse her enough. Make her come over you. This is similar to cowboy girl position. The woman will sit on the lap of her man. The man will sit but lean backwards with the help of his hands. Face your back towards him and straddle your thighs and sit on him. While doing this position, the woman can contract her pelvic muscles and the man can rotate his lower body to make deeper penetrations.

Missionary with a pillow: This position is almost like a missionary position. The only difference is, it is also known as the figure eight position by many couples. The woman will lie on the bed and the man will be on the top. One or two pillows are placed on the butt of the woman to make her body come up. These pillows make it easy for the woman to reach orgasm as the reach to her magical g-spot is easier when the back of pillows are there.

Straight position: This is another sex position that is similar to the missionary one. The woman will lie on the bed. Her legs will be bent and spread apart to make the man enter inside her. After the man enters inside, the woman will join her legs and lie straight with her hands rested straight on the headboard as if stretching to touch the stars. Every thrust will make a man enjoy pleasure as his groin will rub against the joined thighs.

The spoon position: In the mornings, most of the couples are lazy to come over each other. Thus, this is one sex position that is a hot pick during the morning time. The man will lie on the sides and enter inside his lady love who is facing her back towards him. The woman should push her butt towards him to let him enter inside with ease. Your man can penetrate while caressing your tender breasts and neck.

These are few sex positions to try in the morning.

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Story first published: Monday, September 10, 2012, 18:49 [IST]
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