How To Seduce Your Unromantic Wife?

Seduce Wife
Is your wife very unromantic? Does she get turned off very often? Well, here are some way you can seduce and make her get the lost charm back and enjoy your romantic life.

Are the kids disturbing your privacy with wife or is it your in-laws expecting to spend too much time with the two, whatever may be the reason there will be a solution so all that one needs is a little spice up session that can bring back the lost romance in just a jiff.

You can get rid of your kids (if any) by asking your relatives or friends to take them out. Your in-laws can accompany them too. Plan to seduce wife by getting yourself fresh and setting the right ambiance according to mood.

A warm water bath and a dark coloured bath robe can reveal your wife what's in your mind. The scented candles lit all over the bathroom and the bedroom will easily tell your woman to turn herself on for the special day.

Even men can be hot strip stars to their wives. They can make their couch or bed, their stage and start with hot moves with the jazzy beats (music). The best way to seduce wife is by pulling her towards you and making her dance.

The dance is the best seducing tip as one can hold wife tight and warm up with little foreplay. The entire scene will make her get into the groove to move to the next level of romance.

Hot music is another seducing tip as the soothing music relaxes mind and makes the woman turn on for the secret day. Natural aphrodisiacs like chocolate, dry nuts and raisins will provide energy and make the partner feel good.

While seducing wife, look through her eyes. Never smile when you want your emotions to flow through your expression. Give the wild look and make her realise that if she loses this chance, she has lost forever.

Spicing up romance in marriage is very important for relationship to emotionally bond strong. Making love in a usual way would have bored your wife, unwrap the romantic side of your mind and present it red hot, so hot that she cannot dare to resist.

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Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2011, 16:25 [IST]

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