5 Ways To Satisfy A Woman In Bed!

Satisfy Woman Bed
Satisfying a woman on bed can be difficult at times as they take a lot of time to reach orgasm. Unlike men, women take time to reach orgasm ans this can be tiring for a man when he tries to satisfy her. Women are capable of having multiple orgasms and are more adventurous but the shy nature makes them inexpressive.

Following are the 5 ways to satisfy a woman in bed:

Kiss: To arouse a woman, kiss her and make her excited. This is the first step of lovemaking and should be effectively done to arouse and satisfy a woman in bed. Try to tickle with your tongue and bite her while kissing.

Intimacy: Don't just jump into her. She wants to be caressed and this can be done by loving her first. Feel her body and arouse her mood to make love. A woman takes time to get aroused so try to kiss her on her sensual body parts like neck, ears, bosom, back and inner thighs. Use your hands and tongue to arouse a woman.

Foreplay: Women love foreplay. To make her excited try some smart foreplay techniques to arouse a woman and satisfy in bed. Use hands, tongue and talk dirty to build up the mood to make love. If your woman likes you being wild, try it to make her excited. This somewhere satisfy a woman.

Know she wants more: She will signal indirectly or directly if she wants to have more pleasure to reach orgasm. Try hand job to excite her.

Hold and develop the mood: When you see your woman is excited, try to add more to her excitement. This will not only help her but also help you arouse in a mood to make love.

Follow these ways to stimulate her and satisfy a woman in bed.

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Story first published: Monday, September 12, 2011, 17:28 [IST]

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