Places Women Like Being Touched

Woman Like Being Touched
Women may act shy and move away when they know they are been cuddled. Shyness is not an expression of disinterest but it is always the other way. Women would never like to discuss the things that will make them reach orgasm and attain the utmost pleasure. Men need to get smart to get to know what makes their spouse/girlfriend feel the romance and keep it going for life.

May be men are more attracted to the women's organs that they don't have but playing with only those will not only bore women but will make them feel irritated. There are many pleasure sensors in a woman's body that are directly connected to her nerves and will help you tame her within minutes. Takes a look at the places women like being touched.

Places Where Women Like Being Touched

1. Happy Feet - For all the expenses that she makes for her personal care especially pedicure, she wants you to have a look at her feet. The red and brown nail colours are applied to welcome you for the pleasurable experience. This will not only calm her excitement but will help both relax and enjoy a good foreplay.

2. Tantalising Thighs - If you find her wearing stockings more often, it means that she is proud of her long slender legs. The toned thighs seek appreciation in the form of a massage and kisses. Her skirt can become hot pants for a day. Carry her to your bed, drag her to you and pinch her thighs, that's the way you can complement her great body. Whenever you plan to caress her thighs, pretend as if you are going to touch her pleasure spot but suddenly take a u-turn to make get the essence of utmost joy.

3. Well Toned Back - Be a body massager for a day and apply a lotion or a fragrant oil on her back. The smooth run on her spine, kisses and licks will put on her pleasure sensors followed by a fulfilling intercourse. Your fingers can have a race and your whisper can add expression on her face.

4. Dazzling Ear Lobes - Those beautiful metal studs will attract your eyes so simply look eye to eye and move to her ear lobes. A sensuous song can be played in the background followed by kisses, bites and pinches. The delicate lobes are very sensitive and add a blissful start to your romance.

5. Sensuous Hair - Holding her plat and pulling her towards you or running your fingers through her hair and nape will get her into the mood and will make your day after the move as she will be your hand puppet.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2011, 17:52 [IST]

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