How To Get Multiple Orgasms?

Multiple Orgasms Woman
Multiple orgasms can spice up romance and satisfy the woman in bed also. It is believed that women are always ready for more and they find multiple orgasms as an addiction as it is satisfying to them. Sometimes, one orgasm can only take a lot of time but with practice, you can make the woman have multiple orgasms. Check out how.

Stay active after the session: After having one session, you have to stay active for another one. The woman might feel tired but she will seldom say no! The urge and satisfaction of getting more and more makes her get in mood to make love again. If you become tired, take a break for sometime but don't stop the sensuality completely.

Talk dirty: As mentioned earlier, don't stop after the session. Talk dirty to keep the mood alive. This also increases the intimacy. Discuss about the session performed and see what both of you like. Try to implement the ideas shared during these dirty conversation.

Create an atmosphere: If the session has become boring and tiring, try new lovemaking positions to make it adventurous and spicy. Change the location like bedroom can become monotonous so use bathroom or kitchen.

Indulge in foreplay: This is important to bring the woman in mood. A woman loves foreplay so use foreplay techniques to get her in a mood to make love and make the love erotic.

Play with the fingers: To get a woman in mood to make love, multiple orgasms require playing with the fingers. Caress and feel her to stay in the mood. This helps both you and the woman to stay activ eand increases the drive for orgasm.

Try these tips to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 17:59 [IST]

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