How To Deal With Loss Of Libido Among Women?

Loss of libido
Many women have complained about losing libido after few years of healthy lovemaking. At some point of time, women feel they have lost interest in libido but this should not be confused with the inability to reach orgasm.

Loss of libido is due to less sensual thoughts, slow arousal, reluctance to take initiative in lovemaking or slow time to reach orgasm.

Loss of libido has to do with things like less frequent sexual thoughts, slowed down arousal and time to climax, reluctance to initiate sex, etc. One can treat the loss of libido among women by getting testosterone therapy, localized estrogen therapy, natural libido enhancement pills or consulting sex therapist who help increase women libido.

Going to women's doctor at family planning clinics is helpful as these doctors deal with this particular problem. If psychological or physical problems like depression, blood pressure, diabetes etc persist then the loss of libido among women is common as for men.

Enhance libido by using desire creams, vibrators and erection drugs are available in the market to help women deal with loss of libido issues.

To increase women libido naturally, try to get into foreplay and try new positions. Even same style and method tends to bore women easily. They are very romantic so trying new methods and ideas will help her hold her interest and enhance her libido.

Be wild to help increase women libido. Sometimes make her feel that you want her. This will enhance her libido and increase her sensual drive. So, don't worry. If you encourage her losing libido drive, you will add to her lack in lovemaking.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2011, 17:09 [IST]

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