How To Last Longer In Bed?

Last Longer In Bed
To have a long lasting session in bed, men want to know ways to control their climax. Men are always active in lovemaking but they tend to cum fast. Here are fews ways to answer the common question asked by men- how to have a long lasting orgasm session?

1. Women takes time to turn on in a mood for orgasm. When compared to men, women needs to be caressed so as to get into a mood. Seduce her and take your time.

2. Foreplay is an effective technique used by a man to excite a woman. Indulge in foreplay to have a long session.

3. Don't think about your orgasm but hers. Squeeze her and tickle her sensual spots to make the woman excited. This takes time and is long lasting in bed.

4. Control yourself when you are about to reach orgasm. To have a long lasting orgasm session in bed, you ought to control. Women take a lot of time to reach orgasm so it is you who has to control. Slower down when you are about to come but don't stop. This way, you can have a long lasting time in bed.

5. Don't be in speed. Long and fast thrusting is hard for a man's endurance. Don't just think to have an intercourse and end it. Enjoy the moment and feel the love!

6. Stop thinking whether you will last longer in bed during this session or not. Just be confident and use proper techniques to last longer in bed.

7. Do some Kegel exercises to help last longer in bed. Control while urinating to strengthen muscles.

8. Divert your mind during the session. If you control your fantasies then you can manage to last longer in bed. Control your imagination and try to divert your mind in something different for few seconds to control the ejaculation.

9. First time ejaculation doesn't last for a long time. Try the second time. It slows down. This means don't stop after one session if you want to last longer in bed but always take the consent of your partner if she is ready for the second session.

10. Circumcision is another medical method to help last 2-3 times longer.

Use these points to be long lasting in bed for an orgasm session.

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Story first published: Monday, September 5, 2011, 15:47 [IST]

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