Natural Scents That Attract Men To Bed

Natural Scents
The art of lovemaking is remarkable. However there are certain natural scents from a woman that attract a man. These natural scents are tips for women to be prepared when it comes to the bedroom.

There are some men who truly adore the smell of a woman, her natural essence really turns them on and thus here we tell you what are the best natural scents that attract a man for lovemaking

1.Vanilla - The smell of vanilla is ever so divine for men, This natural essence really attracts a man. The smell of vanilla usually attracts older men and thus it is also known as a natural aphrodisiac. To get this essence, it is available in body lotions, deodorant and shower gels.

2.Cinnamon- The spicy flavor of cinnamon is one real turn on. The fact that cinnamon turns on men is in fact something one wouldn't believe in. It is also said that this natural scents that attract a man instantly gives him an energy in his genital region. So the next time you are in the mood, bake him a cinnamon cake.

3.Lavender - As per researchers it is said that men who are impotent should sniff on lavender oil mixed with that of pumpkin seeds. It brings about a great arousal on men. This is one of the best natural scents that attract a man.

4.Oat meal - Surprising as it seems! Men are instantly turned on with the smell of oat meal. Cook him some oatmeal cookies, an oatmeal breakfast and you will see the smell driving him crazy. This natural scents that attract a man is strange but unfortunately true!

There are body lotions and aroma soaps which is available too, to make your lovemaking into a great session. Turn on your man instantly with these naturals scents that attract men and you will see the difference in him.

Story first published: Monday, February 14, 2011, 16:20 [IST]

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