Why Some Men Are Obsessed With Breasts?

A single male professor in a girls' college...Umm... Sounds interesting? Well! That was a disgusting period for all the college girls and the coworkers. He was a wonderful teacher with great command over the subject, but none would sit on the first bench or ask any doubts all alone in the library. If anybody did, they would make sure they cover their fine assets with a lump some of books or a shawl, or a duppata (even on the western attire). As this man's eyes were always on a mission to creep into the hidden lump of assets, when anybody stood in front of him.

Above stated is one such life incident on the many encountered by the woman on the streets, in public vehicles, at work and even at home. Some perverts even try to feel what they're looking at. I'm sure every girl who's traveled in a public transport can reveal at least one harrowing tale of how men try and get up close and personal with women passengers. Why are men so obsessed with women's breast? What is the cause of his extreme D- to - Z sized fixation? The answers may surprise you. Lets take a stride to his world of obsession. Here are the best three answers.

Virtual Stimulation

Usually when men ogle, they like to imagine what women look underneath their clothes. Its a virtual stimulation for them. And for women it is almost a virtual rape. The worst part of this ogling is the women really can't do anything about it. She has to lay silent when the pervert is stripping her in his imagination and fantasizing about her body.

Breasts- Symbol of fertility

A research states that A-cup or Z-cup, breasts define femininity, as participating in fantasy sports leagues define masculinity. The twin assets hint at a woman's ability to nurture and sustain life. They even point to a woman's capacity to breed, as they bespeak the onset of puberty.

Breasts - A taboo

In westernized countries, like North America, woman's breasts are a taboo. Exposing a woman's breasts in public is considered shameful and inappropriate, even on beaches or while breastfeeding. In other words, breasts or at least the nipple are hidden assets that are supposed to be covered at all times. A research states that a person sees a naked breast only in porn movies, some magazines, related to sex or health. So, now you know who benefits from the total taboo-ism of female breasts? The pornographic industry. It earns good money by showing men some bare breasts that they can never see elsewhere

Erotic solicitation of breasts is heightened by the fact these are supposed to be kept under cover all time. It's just like saying that if a new rule was imposed to cover the heads than the breasts, then men would throng to buy the books or magazine or visit websites that have the latest copy of 'Heads illustrated". Men are curious to know about the stuffs that are hidden from them. Breasts is just one such topic.

In some European countries women commonly go topless on beaches, and also have nudist beaches. However the atmosphere is decent and non-sexual and people are at ease. They don't view breasts as any special thing or taboo. The same is true with many primitive tribes in hot climates.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 16, 2008, 14:05 [IST]

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