The Man Who Cures With Sex

The Man Who Cures With Sex
Today, very little is known about the universal life force governing mankind and thus enabling him to reach higher levels of spirituality and divinity. Did you know that thousands of years ago, people used, now what we call 'sex energy' to reach higher degrees of awareness? Tantra was a blissful lifestyle, practiced with reverence and awareness.

Tantra is the total surrender, or letting go of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that the universal life energy flows through the being. Tantric experts say that it is the blend of love and meditation. It treats sexual energy as sacred and as a means to reach out to the cosmic force. Tantra does not deny sex, or consider it a hindrance to enlightenment. On the contrary, Tantra is a spiritual path, which says that sex is sacred, and not a sin. In Tantra, sexual energy is used as a catalyst for igniting Kundalini energy, thus awakening the chakras in the human body making way for spiritual enlightenment.

Tantric Sex is a meditative, spontaneous and intimate form of lovemaking. Through it one learns to prolong the act of making love thus channelising energy and raising the level of consciousness. Tantric sex is healing and has found many cases where this has worked and helped cure chronic illness.

One such person who practices Tantric sex for healing is Jack Bailey. In an interview with 'The Mirror' he said, "Mention sex and everyone has a problem with it. We are taught to think it's something dirty, so people put up barriers, but that's just society's conditioning." Jack claims to heal women of terminal illness such as cancer by sleeping with them. To many of his devotees around the world he is a leading tantric sex guru. His career has spanned over a period of 40 years and he claims to have slept with nearly 2000 women.

He is not in here for cheap thrill or pleasure. He sleeps and cures women, whom otherwise men would detest or run miles away from. There are no women here in short skirts with the body of a Goddess. Mostly they are middle aged, overweight and least desirable, he asserts. This is not an excuse for sex but is very spiritual and sacred.

Like any other man, he has a family of his own. His wife Claire is 18 years his junior and the mother of seven. It is interesting how they met. It all began during coffee breaks. Claire was then a single mother of two and had been suffering from Bulimia. (an eating disorder) for 10 years, till she met Jack. It was her normal routine to throw up after every meal and have a handful of laxatives.

She was shocked when Jack mentioned her illness head on, even without her ever having told him anything about it. She was in for a bigger shock when he told her that he could heal her. When asked how, pat came the reply, "by going to bed with you." Needless to say she was shocked beyond her wits and did not talk to him for nearly three weeks.

She however after a while decided to try it and realized that she couldn't get enough of Jack. She slowly started seeing the changes. They once had a session that lasted from a Friday night to a Monday morning. They would go for about an hour and a half with 15-minute breaks in between. But over the next six weeks, she realized that she was healed. Jack's theory about Tantric sex is that it is nothing to do with lust and is all about using sexual energy to achieve desires. He claims to have learned this art after spending time in Tibetan monasteries as a child with his Anglo-Tibetan grandfather. He also has been a spiritual advisor to celebrities including Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

A Tantric practitioner can have 10 orgasms one after another and it' is not uncommon to have a nine-day Tantric session. He says that he cannot contract a sexual disease, because he masters the art of injaculation, where the sperm is drawn back into the system and is sterilised before it comes out again. He also claims that he has never got anyone pregnant accidentally.

When approached with a problem, first Jack advises a doctor. Sex is only an option and not the only thing. Tantra provides an opportunity to understand one's motivations about going into sex. Tantra is a school of many courses with various levels of study and an unlimited potential for spiritual gain, sexual delight, and cosmic energy.

The three components of Tantra are Shiva, Shakti and Jiva. Shiva is consciousness. Shakti is the agent though which consciousness acts. Jiva is the individual person or identity. It is the Shakti in us whose nature has to be transformed.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 18:08 [IST]

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