Abnormal Sexual Behaviour

Abnormal sexual behaviours are resultants of psychological distortions. Sexual fantasies, intense sexual urges, or activities involving a non-human object or unusual situations, indulging in sex with a non consenting partner like a kid, or inflicting pain or humiliation on one self or a partner can be grouped under psychosexual disorders. Sexual abnormalities bear different names in accordance with their nature. In most of these disorders there are hardly any physical manifestation.


Exhibitionism indicates exposing of the genitals to an unsuspected stranger. It is characterized by strong sexual fantasies and an intense urge to arouse. It is motivated by an intention to draw attention; shock or surprise from the victim often with no further advances. It is due to psychological impairment in the person.

Sexual urges with non-living objects and most often women's clothes characterize fetishism. The person derives sexual pleasure by just coming into contact or wearing the objects like women's lingerie, shoes, underwear etc. A fetish may involve in sexual activity with a willing partner. Another aberrant behaviour akin to Fetishism is Partialism which is getting sexually aroused by a part of the body like breasts, feet etc.

Voyeurism is a sexual disorder that involves the voyeur seeks sexual arousal by observing a person, undressing or unclothed or involved in sexual activity without the knowledge of the person. However the voyeur does not seek sexual involvement.




It is an aberrant behaviour wherein the person tends to rub or bring about physical contact with his genitals against an unrelated female to derive sexual pleasure. This often takes place in crowded areas.

Transvestism is a disorder wherein a male dresses up like a female to arouse sexual feelings. Some may just take to wearing lingerie whereas some others choose to dress themselves completely in female attire. Cross-dressing is harmless until it is advocated for sexual purposes.

This unusual sexual behaviour involves inflicting verbal or physical infliction on oneself or seeking a partner who interests in inflicting pain on others to derive sexual pleasure. Activities with a partner include beating, rape and bondage. Self-infliction include cutting piercing the skin, burning etc. When involved with a partner the masochistic activities are often fantasized and performed in a game like manner wherein actual hurt and pain is avoided.

However it can be fatal when things like ropes, nooses, loops and plastic bags are involved to experience asphyxia at the point of orgasm to derive maximum pleasure.

Sexual pleasure is wrought by inflicting immense pain or torture on the partner. Sometimes the sadists find consenting partners to release their moods. It can either be a psychological (insult and humiliation or terror) or a physical torture. Rape, torture and some times murder constitute this disorder. In extreme cases, the maximum pleasure is wrought by murdering the partner. Rape is intended for exercising power over the victim rather than to inflict pain.

Pedophilia is about making sexual advancement towards a prepubescent child by masturbating in the presence of the child, touching the genitals of the child or in more extreme cases performing sex on the child.

Technophilia denotes any of the above-mentioned disorders or the combination of the disorders with the aid of computer technology. Live time video, voice programs and network, images available on the net and contact through the net facilitate paraphilia like Exhibitionism, Voyeurism and Pedophilia.

Bestiality constitutes indulging in sexual activities with animals.

Childhood trauma and repeated association with objects and situation that arouse sexual feelings can be the possible causes. Psychological counseling and therapy can help in reducing the sex drive. Prescribed medication and hormones can also put a break to the intensity of the fantasies involved in such disorders.

All the above-mentioned disorders are considered as offense and punishable by law.

Thus aberrant sexual behaviours are mental conditions that can some times really be problematic and calls for immediate attention.

Story first published: Friday, February 23, 2007, 17:34 [IST]

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