Homosexuals - My Side Of The Story (Part 2)

The idea of homosexuality as a biological disorder is entirely wrong. On the other hand the same sex sexual orientation develops in homosexuals due to family and societal misfortunes. Many of the homosexuals revealed that they were victims of child molestation, which made their sexual fantasies about opposite sex almost impossible and horrendous. Many of them have witnessed sexual harassment in their families and this eliminated the romantic ideas about the opposite sex from their minds. The life threatening violence of father towards girls (as in the case of the eloped girl) and that of mother towards the boys made the homosexuals lead a life without the opposite sex. Incest was also cause in some turning homosexuals. Children, who have spent their lives in boarding and hostels away from their parents, also developed homosexual interests through the love and affection of their same sex roommates.

There is good news for homosexuals and parents of children who show homosexual tendencies. Homosexuality can be eliminated with brief counselling and without medication. Homosexuals must be well informed about the ill effects of same sex orientation on health. Parents must give their children proper guidance to stay away from the sexual attacks. They should also allow children to interact with their opposite sex friends to a certain limit. Homosexuals who want to become heterosexuals can try to divert their sexual orientation slowly through movies, fantasies and guidance from proper sources. Homosexuals who haven't got love from anybody else other than their same sex partners may return to heterosexual behavior if they attain the true love of the opposite sex. Psychological and psychiatric treatment can be helpful.

Homosexuals' relationship not only depends on their sexual orientation but also on emotional feelings and love. Society must remember that just because such individuals are special, they cannot be subject to name-calling.

Homosexuality is not a physical or mental illness or deviation. Sexual behavior and orientation exist along a continuum that ranges from people who are attracted to members of the same sex, to people who are attracted to members of the opposite sex. Let us treat homosexuals as one among us and not as aliens.

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Story first published: Friday, December 15, 2006, 15:19 [IST]

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