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How To Have Phone Sex
If you are in a long distance relationship or if your partner has recently moved to a different city then phone sex is the only option until both of you meet again. Though there isn't physical touch involved, phone sex with ...
How To Have Phone Sex
What Is Situational Sex
Now, Let's Talk About Situational Sex!!
There are so many meanings for situational sex. But let us talk about a totally different meaning. Actually, situational sex behavior means showing your weirdest sexual side only in some situations and hiding that side of your personality in other situations ...
What Is A Quickie? Why You Should Never Miss It?
What's a quickie and what's the point of having one? Well, a quickie is nothing but very quick but intense sex! Imagine this. You just brought your girlfriend home to introduce her to your parents. After the initial formalities are over, ...
What Is A Quickie
What Irritates Her In Bed
There are many complaints from women about male bed behaviour! Yes, some women can openly discuss about such things whereas some don't. So, it is better to know what irritates women in general so that you don't do such things with ...
What Irritates Women In Bed
Six Sex Myths And Facts
6 Sex Myths And Facts!
As sex is still a topic that isn't widely discussed openly even among adults, many myths still circulate in the guise of truths. Myths are harmless but if they are interfering with your urge to experience better sex life, it is ...
Things Men Secretly Expect From Women
Men do have some secret wishes but seldom do they openly tell them. Yes, even men have the fear of being judged though it may sound strange! Men open up fast about their fantasies if it is a one-night stand. They ...
Things Men Secretly Expect From Women
How To Make Him Feel Like A Man
How To Make Him Feel Like A Man
If he tries to make you feel special by going the extra mile to pamper, you too can take certain steps to make him feel like a man, especially in the bedroom. And yes, all men like to feel like a ...
Best Positions For First Time Sex!
When you set out to taste the pleasure of sex for the first time, it is better to stick to the basics. Planning a lot of things and getting confused in bed room may spoil your first experience. You would want ...
Positions For First Time Sex
Where To Touch A Woman To Offer Pleasure
Touch Her In Those Places And See!
Instead of getting stuck at the penetrative act, you can always make your bed life more beautiful by pampering your woman with foreplay. And if you think only the lips, breasts, butt or the genitals are the only places to touch ...
Things To Avoid During Lovemaking
The art of lovemaking is special between a couple. When you love a certain someone there is always a sense of belonging to the other person. Lovemaking is a beautiful way of expressing that you love the other person who is ...
Things Avoid Lovemaking 070211 Aid
Tantra Lovemaking Tips
Tantra Lovemaking Tips And Suggestions
Tantra is the ancient sexual practice that dates back over 5,000 years. Tantra is a Sanskrit term meaning “weaving of light and sound with form”.The “light” explains various visualizations of colors and shapes(in the form of chakras/energy centers) in the body. ...
Tips To Enjoy Phone Love Making
Most couples find it tough to excite their partner over the phone. These days they carry out phone sex for various reasons like being apart, fun or for a virtual orgasm. Some couples are successful in this attempt but there is ...
Enjoy Phone Love Making
Love Making Kissing Tips
Kissing Tips For A Great Love Making Session
Are you tired of trying different foreplay techniques to get your partner in the mood? The one secret that plays the important role in igniting the passion in your partner is by trying different kissing styles. Experts say that kissing ...

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