Kissing Tips For A Great Love Making Session

Are you tired of trying different foreplay techniques to get your partner in the mood? The one secret that plays the important role in igniting the passion in your partner is by trying different kissing styles.

Experts say that kissing can also help in burning your calories, kissing for 20 minutes can burn 22 calories.

I would put down here some great sexy kissing tips. So now get ready for that great love making session.

  • If your partner is lying down then lift her arms up and start kissing her inner arms and slowly get on to her chest. While doing this you can also try moving your tongue in a zig - zag way, this act will absolutely drive her crazy.
  • Kissing her collar bone, one of her favourite erogenous zones will get her in the mood with in seconds. While doing this you can move your tongue slowly to her ears.
  • As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. You can slowly start kissing her cheek, jaw or neck and then move towards her lips, by the time you reach the lips she will be in the desperation to kiss you. And this will end in a great love making session.
  • Sip some fruit juice or coke and slowly hold her towards you and give her a french kiss as you do this pass the juice into her mouth. Slowly this will lead to a great french kiss session.
  • Try a kissing game with your partner. Start kissing your partner slowly and seduce her to kiss you. Once you both are in the action, the one who lasts long will win the kissing game.
  • Belly, one of the most sensual parts of your lady. As you indulge in love making, slowly kiss her on the belly and while doing this caress that part with your tongue.
  • Kiss her slowly on the armpit. As you do this move your nose and lips there and this will kick start her mood.

Give those sensuous kisses and turn on your partner.

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