Get Naughty In Every Room Of The House!

So, you thought your kitchen is meant for cooking and the living room to seat your guests? Think again. They could be places where you can enjoy some hot and wild sex with your partner. Wondering how? Then read on and feel the chill running down your spine!

Having sex in the bedroom is a normal practice. But moving out of the confinement is sure to spark the thrill in you and your partner. So, try out some steaming hot moves outside the bedroom, all over the house. Explore the couch, the study table, the pool, the kitchen table and all those places where you never thought of having sex. So, steal the virginity of all the rooms of your house with these mind blowing tips.

Gear up to get naughty in every room of the house and we will tell you how!

Corrupt The Kitchen

Start with the kitchen. As your lady stands cooking something in the kitchen, sneak up behind her. Be careful to avoid any unnecessary accident. Hold her from the back and run your fingers all over. Sit on the chair and get her seated upon you with her back towards you. Try this reverse cowgirl variation in the kitchen and spice up your love.

Do It In The Study

Sex on the floor is hot. Get your man on the ground, bind his wrists to the floor with a tape and do some girl on top action. Sex just cannot get better than this.



Get Kinky In The Dining Room

Let your girl sit on the table with her butt on the edge of the table and stand in front of her. Ask her to brace your waist with her legs and then enter forcefully.

Steam Up The Bathroom

Sit facing each other in the tub. Embrace his waist with your legs and let him enter you from the front in the sitting position. Using the sides of the tub, rock your hips up and down.

Get Dirty In The Living Room

Lean over the couch and rest your hips on it. Ask him to enter you from the front. Hold his hands and lean backwards so that your hips thrust upwards. This creates an extra sensation in you and gives more pleasure to him.

Sex On Stairs

Let your girl kneel on the stairs with her hand resting on a couple of stairs above or the railing. Kneel down on the step below her and enter her from behind. Let her guide you back and forth and enjoy the naughty version of doggie style sex.

Hit The Pool

Standing sex is a tricky job especially if your girl is short or heavy for you. So, do it inside the water. Take advantage of the weightlessness inside water. Get her to embrace your waist with her legs and support her hips with your hands and then enter. You will definitely love the underwater experience.

Knock Into The Bedroom

The usual place? Spice it up with an unusual move. Lean over the dressing table and let your guy enter you from behind. He gets access to touch your G-spots and you can watch yourself in the mirror getting more and more turned on.


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