Rediscover Lovemaking After Pregnancy

Rediscover Lovemaking After Pregnancy
People say that love making after pregnancy is born to a couple dies out. Why should it be so? There is nothing in science to suggest that intercourse after baby's birth is painful or problematic. So why shouldn't couples make love after having a baby? Lets take a look at why libido after pregnancy is on a decline.

Why does Love making after Pregnancy suffer?

  • Delivering a baby takes a toll on the mother's body. The new mother feels tired for months after the delivery. She could take a long time to recuperate during which time she doesn't feel up to making love.
  • If the mother is going through past partum depression then she will be totally cut off from reality. There is no way she will be willing to make love.
  • With the added responsibility of the baby both parents often feel too down and out to have sex. The baby may sleep at irregular hours causing sleep disorders for the parents due to which they are too tired to have intercourse after baby.
  • The baby needs constant attention and there is a good chance that the couple might get interrupted while making love.

However all this need not happen with you if you follow these simple tips.

How to Spice Up Love making after Pregnancy?

  • After pregnancy the woman's libido may suffer. It is the man who has to play a proactive role in helping her rediscover her sexuality. Aromatic baths, candle light dinners and oil massages will help her to get interested in intercourse after baby.
  • If the mother has had a caesarian delivering the severing of some pleasure nerves or the simply the mark that the surgery leaves may make her conscious. The man has an initiative to take here . He has to make her feel wanted, she should feel that her man desires her as much as he did before the baby.
  • Post pregnancy the woman puts on weight which might leave her uncomfortable with herself. Lovemaking involves physical activity which might be difficult for her. Choose a position where the woman has to do minimum movement. This will help her relax.
  • Love making after pregnancy may not be as wild as it used to be. After all you are 'parents' now and the tag comes with a set of standard images. Although this is a stereotype that need not be followed, there is no harm in it. You could move on to mature lovemaking after having a baby and that is as exciting as the wild times you have had together.

Love making after pregnancy can be rekindled, relished and continued if the couple shares a relationship based on love and understanding. Physical love will help you bond not just a couple but as parents.

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