Hot Side Sex Positions To Try!

Trying something new on bed is always exciting for yourself as well as for your partner. The old missionary style sex can become monotonous after a while so trying out new sex positions become the need. Trying out new positions is not rocket science. You just need to learn a twist and turns in your usual positions to make sex more interesting.

Side sex positions are pretty pleasurable and do not require too much of trouble. The best part is that you can enjoy these positions while having a full view of the action going on! So, let your imagination open up while you try out some hot side sex positions.

Hot Side Sex Positions To Try!

Let us help you out with a few of these awesome side sex positions. Take a look:

Make Spooning Better
Normally in this position he lies behind you and enters you from behind. Make it more interesting by turning yourself upside down so that he can have the view of his penis going in and out of you.

A Hipstatic Position
Normally, when you lie on your back and he sits on top of you, you lift your leg on his shoulders for deeper penetration. Make it more exciting by lifting your leg and keeping it moving till it crosses to his other side. It will make the penetration feel tighter and provide more friction inside you.

Lazy Sex Position
This is a position when you are too tired to get on top of each other. So, you end up having sex facing each other. It is one of the best positions where you can not only enjoy sex but can also kiss and cuddle each other. Get a even deeper penetration by scissoring your legs so that they interlock with your partner's legs.

Try out these hot side sex positions tonight and make sex even more interesting for yourself and your partner.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 18:11 [IST]
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