8 Simple Ways To Turn On Your Man

If you know the ways to turn on your man, then you are on a right track to control him. There is nothing more exciting for men when you make efforts to turn him on before taking him to the bed. Many women wrongly assume that men do not enjoy foreplay. While actually they just love it!

If you make the right moves and do the foreplay in the right manner then you both will enjoy unbelievably powerful and satisfying orgasms. Blow his mind with some sneaky and sexy moves. Men love to see women in action. You just have to give up the shy attitude and take charge over him.

Here are a few tips which will help you to make your guy want you like crazy. So, get ready for the grand finale and use these points to your advantage.

Build the anticipation

When it's about sex, more the anticipation, greater the pleasure. So, if you want a wild night together then start working on him from morning. Keep texting him about how you are going to make it exciting for him.

Talk dirty in bed

Whisper dirty things in his ears to make him go crazy with the ecstasy. Talk to him about your wildest thoughts. Men get highly turned on by such talks.

Wear a sexy lingerie

Seduce him by wearing a sexy lingerie. Your bare skin is sexy, desirous and a huge turn on for your man.

Take a sensual shower

Have a good, hot shower with your guy. Let the water run on both of you. Get close to each other and gaze into his eyes. It will boost your intimacy factor.

Watch porn with him

Some women hate the idea of men watching porn. But the fact is, men enjoy visual sex scenes. Try to mimic the moves from the video. He will be surprised and excited at the same time.

Tease him

Don't rush things. Take time and slowly build his mood. Kiss him softly and give him a nice, soft back massage. Get close to his sensitive areas without actually touching them. This will make him crazy with passion.

Work on his fantasies

Every man fantasises about certain things which he would like his girl to do. Find what your man dreams of and make it happen.

Take charge

Don't be lethargic. Go up and take control. Don't be afraid to be bossy and tell him what you want him to do. Men are highly turned on when women take the charge.




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