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Sex Food

Diet For Good Sex
Are some foods better than others for fueling good sex? It could just be that, a healthy diet is healthy for your lovemaking life. Like many aspects of our health, our lovemaking drive is affected by what we put into our ...
Lovemaking Diet
Transvestism: A shift in the gender identities of men - Part II
Transvestism is a part of transgenderism. Margus Hirschfield coined the term 'transvestism'. Transvestism is a term used to describe a group of people who habitually and voluntarily dress in the outfit of the opposite sex. Today the term is used to ...
Food For Better Love Making
You have always heard, 'food for thought,' now here I am, telling, 'food for love.' What is 'love food' after all? From time immemorial people and cultures across the world have claimed that certain food, drink, drug, scent, can arouse or ...
Food For Better Love Making

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