Transvestism: A shift in the gender identities of men - Part II

Transvestism is a part of transgenderism. Margus Hirschfield coined the term 'transvestism'. Transvestism is a term used to describe a group of people who habitually and voluntarily dress in the outfit of the opposite sex. Today the term is used to describe the male-bodied persons. The female-bodied cross dressers describe themselves as 'Drag King'.

Transvestites are a group of cross-dressing, male-bodied, male identified, and gynophilic persons. They universally assign their identity by dressing in clothes of a gender that is different from the gender to which they are allocated by birth.They exclude transvestic fetishism and they usually do not include transsexualism

Transvestites identify their sexuality in accordance with their dress code. Even so the selection of their sexual partners depend upon their fantasy. They may select a male partner in accordance with their dress code or they will select a female partner in accordance with their biological sex. In that case it can be assumed that for a transvestite sexual arousal is often, but not always associated with his transvestite behavior.

A transvestite faces certain unavoidable dilemmas. Transvestism is mostly considered in association with homosexuality and in most cases transvestites are called as homosexuals. However the transvestite himself experiences an existential dilemma inside him. He habitually confuses himself between a man and a woman. He often confronts wit the question whether he has to undergo transvestism. In most cases a transvestite fail to understand the limit to which he can carry out the practice. A transvestite will also fear that his bizarre behavior will set him apart from relationships. Transvestite will also fear that in the long run their queer character will hamper their normal living at some point.

The good news for transvestites is that transvestism is not an alien behavior. The visible transvestites are only the tip of the iceberg. Many of the transvestites will keep their habit as a secret due to social pressure. But if a transvestite wants to escape from their habit there are immense counseling centers where they can share their experience with other transvestites. It is not necessary that a transvestite must be a homosexual always. There is absolutely no link between a transvestite and a homosexual. Majority of the transvestites are proved to be heterosexuals. Moreover transvestism is not going to hamper the personality of a person who indulges into it. A transvestite chooses his habit as a pleasure and not as an agonizing experience. The fear of denial form the relationships is only an imagination of the transvestites in most cases. Many will consider transvestism as only a pastime that will fade up with time.

A transvestite must not treat his habit too seriously. He has selected his habit to find his own solace. If the transvestite considers the habit as a shameful taboo it is going to become an agonizing experience for him. In many of the transvestites the habit has faded away as the time progressed.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 12, 2006, 11:39 [IST]

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