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Get Rid of Your Chronic - Illness, Enjoy Love Making
Experts say that healthy sexual life, can lead to a healthy personal as well as family life. Both men and women love to get closer to their partners. They find sex as the best tool to closeness. Some are lucky enough ...
Chronic Illness Lower Libido
Menopause Increase Lovemaking
Menopause To Increase Lovemaking In Women
The fertile period of women come to an end with certain years during the cycle of life. A recent study says, womens' sexual activity differs greatly between individuals once they reach the state of menopause.The new research from ...
Gynaecologic Surgeries Do Not Affect Sexual Life
Majority of women scheduled for gynaecologic surgery for the non-cancerous symptoms, are not afraid of its effects on sex lives, says a new study. The doctors generally reassure the hysterectomy patients that they do not have to fear a detriment to ...
Gynaecologic Surgery Impacts
Men Menopause Stress
Men And Menopause
According to the latest researchers, other than the women, it is also the men who undergo menopause. On approaching the midlife, men suffer from irritation and normally blame it on their wives's nagging, but this is only a kind of menopause.However, ...

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