Sex Positions To Try When Tired

When you have sex, you get tired and your body pains. Be it a missionary, doggy style, cowgirl or standing sex position, leg, stomach and hand muscle pain is quiet common. So, when you get tired, you can try few lazy sex positions that can help you get pleasure without exerting much pressure.

Start with foreplay and then you can directly go to the lazy sex positions like spoon or linguini. These are two most common sex positions that couples prefer in the morning time or late in the night when they get exhausted.

Sex Positions To Try When Tired

Spoon sex position: If you are tired but want to have sex, then try this sex position. You just need to lie down on your side and your man will also lie on the same side behind you. The man will be little above the woman to insert easily inside her. The woman will take her buttocks outside to allow him enter inside. The man will control the woman and insert from behind. The penetration can be little tricky as the man finds it difficult to enter inside. So, just go a little down to make the intercourse easy. There are two ways to try spoon sex position. The woman can either join her legs or keep them apart to make him enter inside her. Both will love this sex position as the man can easily reach the g-spot, butt and breasts. The woman too can use her fingers to reach orgasm.

Linguine sex position: This is another sex position that is ideal for couples who are tired. All you need is the stamina to kneel on the bed. The woman will lie on side with her front pressed against the mattress. Use a pillow under her head for extra support. The woman will spread her leg wide apart. The man will sit on his knees behind her butt like the doggy style. One of his knees will be between her legs. The woman should spread the leg so that he can get space to sit and enter inside her. The man can keep his hands on her waist to gain support while penetrating. This sex position provides a lot of friction and the man can have access to breasts! The woman too will enjoy the linguine sex position as it allows deeper penetration and little access to g-spot.

These are the two sex positions that you can try when you are tired or lazy to sit and push.

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