Don't Let Your Night Fade Away!

Erotic Tips
Enhance your sex life and make each other feel special. Love making should be done only when there is any urge between the two partners, this helps in making each other feel special .
Love is something that is shared between two intimate souls and sex is a part of the love that they share, love improves sex life for it is the main reason why two people become one and make love.

Sometimes both the partners may not be in the mood to make love , due to various reasons and health issues. There will be times when one partner is highly aroused and heated up and the other is not, this may seem to pass off but it surely can cause a hindrance in sex life of the partners.

Here are a few tips to help one get aroused , get romantic and not just have sex for the sake of pleasing your partner.

Stimulate Yourself:- Try to create seduction rituals that turn you both on. For women, Slip into your best , sexy lingerie , this will help your partner get heated. Try to spray the room with a good erotic scent that stimulates the both of you. Take a warm bubble bath, give yourself some time for the preparation and everything else will just fall in its place.

Ignite the fire:- Trying to get in the mood when you really aren't is difficult. You have to ignite the fire by either reading an erotic book or watching a romantic film together will really help you both simultaneously.
Express Verbally:- Though it may not be the topic if the night , try making it. Tell your spouse to be more creative in the manner of speech, express the want of your partner romantically. This verbal conversation will definitely heat up the room.

Bargain with your spouse:- If you are working, then sex life slowly decreases and letting this happen is not all good. For a woman , she has to do the household chores, so eventually she will be tired , vice versa for a man to.. Don't waste the night if you are in the mood, try to see what best you can do with each other to make the night special and don't let tiredness get you down , try to overcome the situation and have a good night.

Do things together:- There are various ways where you can bring on the urge and get into the feeling. You can take a shower together, accept sexy compliments , try on each other clothing, allow yourself to feel sexy, talk about sex and the things your'l have done together.

These will help you to spice up the night , make it worth it and long lasting. It will also help you to forget the tired mood that you were in and towards the end you will realize that it was enjoyable and romantic .

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Story first published: Thursday, July 15, 2010, 13:55 [IST]

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