His Erogenous Zones ...Contd

His Nipples

Men's nipples differ in sensitivity. Some may like it to be stroked, sucked and licked while other may not respond to any of your move. If he responds positively, go for it. Pay attention to the whole chest area. Massage it with essential oils and squeeze or caress him gently around the nipple area according to his interest. Ask whether he would wish for more such contacts.

Start out gently and then try a harder approach as the sensuality increases. To spice up, squeeze a grape on the tip and then lick it vigorously. You can hear him woo for more. Play with it but not for long as you have to proceed further south for some really hot moves.

His Back and Shoulders
Make him lie down on his belly and slowly travel your fingertips or tongue from his back to his neck. You can even move in small circles. This erotic zone may not be known to your mate too so start searching it. Be creative, use your techniques and spend some time before entering the hot zones. If this arouses his senses then tease him with a feather or a paintbrush. This will help you discover some erotic zones that may not be known to the world too. It is said that base of the spine is the most undiscovered sensitive spot of many men.

His Inner Thighs
Inner thighs are often called as the neglected erogenous zones. Women head for the nearby area without targetting them. Howevere when this area is touched, kissed, licked or nibbled before hot zones it will make him beg you to move near them. But do not succumb to his request, but stand your ground and make him wait. Watch his burning desire and tease him along the way.

Important hot zones

Male sexual organ, scrotum, rigged area of skin between testicles and anus and buttocks are the main focal point of his intense sexual pleasure. Drive your partner into ecstasy by all your killer methods. Do not shy off or feel dirty, as this dirty zone is the area where all his pleasure is in store. Stroke them, suck them and swirl your tongue around them. You will make him beg for more. At the same time make sure you are not applying much pressure to the testicles, as it may be too painful. However remember these are high rated erotic zones by men, so don't just neglect them for any cause.

Make an eye contact when you are giving him oral. It will enhance his pleasure when he will witness you enjoying it at the same time.

Be unpredictable and communicate all the time to make sure you are getting it just right for him. Get on your bed tonight with these highly erotic tips on mind.

Story first published: Friday, March 23, 2007, 17:30 [IST]

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