Aphrodisiacs For Love (Part 2)

The list of aphrodisiacs just goes on. Today however Scallops, Oysters and Spanish fly are believed to be highly aphrodisiac. Many types of seafood have reputations as aphrodisiacs because Aphrodite is believed to be born from the sea. Chilies, curries, and other spicy foods have been viewed as aphrodisiacs because their physiological effects, a raised heart rate and sometimes sweating, so similar to the physical reactions experienced during sex.

According to most researches, aphrodisiacs are myths based on ancient folklore, which have no scientific proof that they work to heighten sexual pleasure or treat sexual dysfunction. Then how is it that some vouch aphrodisiacs of having worked for them? Well, there is a psychological aspect here. Most times the very mention of aphrodisiacs, sets off in the mind the hope of a certain response, which might actually lead to an additional sexual reaction. Some may change a person's mood and therefore seem to be an aphrodisiac That is why it is believed that the mind is the biggest aphrodisiac.

To scientifically understand the working of aphrodisiacs and measure sexual stimulation, a valid human study would have to be performed in the laboratory. Cultural taboos however prevent such studies.

Despite lack of scientific explanation, aphrodisiacs and various drugs flood the market with huge promises. There is a need to be careful here. Spanish fly, or cantharides, is probably the most legendary aphrodisiac and the most dangerous. Made from dried beetle remains, the reported sexual excitement from Spanish fly comes from the irritation to the urogenital tract and a resultant rush of blood to the sex organs. But Spanish fly is a poison that burns the mouth and throat and can lead to genitourinary infections, scarring of the urethra, and even death.

There are however a lot of cases where in couples have whipped up dinners filled with aphrodisiacs, which have led to heights of sexual satisfaction. Some claim aphrodisiacs are for real and that their rich botanical legacy has survived the ages in traditional cultures worldwide. Will aphrodisiacs work for you, is something, which you would have to try. So go right ahead and see what suits you best.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 6, 2006, 12:12 [IST]

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