Acts Women Crave For

Often a man finds it difficult to satisfy a woman. This is simply because men reach climax easily while women need more than just sex! Romance and little stimulation makes a woman reach orgasm. This is why, men have to work hard for satisfying their lady loves. It is just that men have complicated a woman's orgasm. It is not something that requires so much of hard work. Every time it is not just about an intercourse. There are few acts that every woman craves for. Here are few acts that can make a woman happy in bed.

Sexy acts women crave for all the time:

Acts Women Crave For

Squeezing and sucking bosom:
Men are attracted to breasts but this attraction goes off when they see the heavenly hole a woman's legs. A woman gets excited when her man squeezes and sucks her breasts especially nipples. There are many women who want their men to press their breasts hard and bite the nipples. So, try this act as women crave for this sexual act. While having sex or before leaving for office, give her little excitement by squeezing her soft breasts.

A quickie: Sometimes a quickie sex session is erotic. As everything happens in speed, the sexual contact becomes more erotic and wild. Suddenly, grab her close and enjoy a quickie together. Women crave for this act because they want to feel wanted. By doing this, you make your woman feel that you always want her! It is a compliment for women.

Love her neck: Apart from adoring her body and breasts, you have to love this sensual or erogenous zone of your woman. All women crave for this while having sex or while making out with their men. A woman wants her man to love her on her neck. As it is an erogenous zone, women get excited when a man breathes, kisses or tickles on the neck especially behind ears. So, do not let your woman crave for this. Do this any time to excite your woman.

A deep kiss: While having sex or while talking dirty, women wish that their men come close to them suddenly and kiss them passionately. A passionate kiss makes a woman happy and definitely turns her on! Surprise her by suddenly kissing her. Make use of your hands at the same time. Feel her body. Love her hair and hold her tight. This is what women crave for all the time when they are excited.

These are a few things that women crave for. Try these acts and satisfy her.

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