Five Sexual Personalities

Here is yet another report which have once again proven that cleanliness is directly related to your sexuality. A leading psychologist Donna Dawson says, "If someone wants to know how some other person performs between the sheets, he/she should look how they clean the home."

She explains, that an activity where one chooses to do something in a particular way can provide an insight into your, or your partner"s personality - and this is definitely true of vacuuming.

Dawson"s study, has revealed five personality types -

1. The Dasher - People under this category are noticed to rush with cleaning, leaving dirty bits here and there. They prove to be impatient, ambitious and fast taking. The same is true with their performance in bed.

2. The Methodical - Such people are very particular in what they do. They would not lessen the time taken for cleaning, rather for better results take more time. Such people are reliable and cautious and prefer to take things slowly between the sheets.

3. The Grafter - People with this personality trait looks forward to vacuuming as a physical release from stress. They tend to be hard-working and committed. They always look forward to please their partner.

4. The Drifter - As the name suggest, such people are dreamers and often lose focus from cleaning. They love to be in their own world. They tends to be dreamy and self-absorbed, and in bed can seem distant or detached.

5. The Protester - They hate vacuuming and if forced take up the job with displeasure. They deliberately don't clean well and when it comes to sexual matters, they are sometimes selfish and prefer their partner to do most of the work.

So, now to gauge your potential partners sexual habits, observe him cleaning. For any further doubts, write back.

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Story first published: Friday, April 9, 2010, 11:14 [IST]

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