The Unexplained Mysteries Of Physical Pleasure

The Unexplained Mysteries Of Physical Pleasure

Imagine some supernatural energy enticing you every night for its own sexual pleasure. Would you love to bed with him/her? Well! Nobody would. But what if you are forced to? The below true life incidents may not let you sleep with peace tonight. They will surely engulf your imagination.

Popo Bawa in Zanzibar

Local residents of Zanzibar (one of archipelago in the Indian Ocean) have long been terrorized by a mysterious spirit known as Popo Bawa. It is a vicious entity

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that sodomies its victim until its satisfied. It is described as a ghost or an ogre with gigantic bat wings and giant penis. Like the mysterious ghost movies, his prescience is usually announced by the sound of scraping claws and a sharp pungent smell.

Popobawa attacks only men when they are on their own beds. Its fear has resulted many men sleeping on the street or on porches after recent reported attacks. Popo Bawa attacks men when they are in deep slumber. It overpowers them, holding their face to the floor and sodomizing them for an hour. The victims have to face repeated sexual assault unless they let their ends and neighbors know of their experience. The news was published several times in BBC

Anna Nicole Smith's supernatural sex

In 2004 Anna Nicole Smith made top headlines with her statement, “The ghost gave me some amazing sex". The busty modeled revealed to the media that she had supernatural sexual encounter several years ago. She said in an interview, "A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, then one day I woke up and found it wasn't." She admits she was scared, when she first realised the truth but later had nothing to fear as the ghost never hurt her, it was just giving her an amazing sexual experience.

The sexual saga of Kelvin

In 2005, 37 year old man named Kelvin from Kaula Lumpur reported to the media, that he felt very tired every night as the long-haired ghost would lure him into making love with her by appearing in different images.

When he was 18 the ghost had appeared in his dreams. Since then he had lost ten jobs and had not been able to get married although he had five girlfriends. When he sought help from a medium, Kelvin was told the ghost was that of a woman who committed suicide after a failed love 30 years ago. The man's fate was destined to nothing but a pitfall of complete darkness accompanied with a fearful sexual pleasure.

Yakhsi - The Indian Vampire

Yakshi belongs to the fair sex category. Sh appears in immensely beautiful damsels, usually clad in white attire. Palm tress are set to be her abode. It is also said that whenever a Yakshi appears there would be fragrance of jasmine

Yakshi targets lonely and lost travelers at night. During nighttime she assumes the form of a beautiful woman and waits for her victim. When a man is spotted she approaches him and asks for little 'lime" that is used for chewing along with betel leaf. It is believed that if the victim relents he would be enchanted by the charm of the Yakshi. The man would later follow her for carnal enjoyment. But he would not know that he is walking down the path to his own deathbed. The charm would disappear soon and what appeared as a palace would transform back into the unassuming crown of a palm tree and the beautiful woman the dreaded Yakshi. The next day what the passing travelers would see the hair and nails at the bottom of the Palm tree. Yakshi had feasted his blood and body the previous night. The Keralites still dread her.

Gandharvan- Wish the ill fated lady bad luck

Gandharvan is believed to be a celestial lover, with great charm, that could seduce any women. Keralites believe that if a girl is molested by a Gandharvan just after reaching puberty, she will never get married to any man. If she is blessed with the marriage her husband will leave her for no reasons at all. There are innumerable incidents encountered these ways.

Story first published: Friday, January 25, 2008, 14:29 [IST]

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