What do guys really think of breast implants?

What creates lust in a man? It isn't the vigorous ambition to take part in the procreation process for the continuity of the human race; but the curves, humps and dimples of a female body make it irresistibly attractive for him. A woman analyse a man on his loving and caring nature, however a man render a glimpse on her breasts and hips too. A stand-straight, big-enough and well shaped breasts attract every men, undoubtedly. In fact women are aware of this fact than the male counterparts, thus those who think that there are rooms for improvement opt for breast enlargement treatments or breast implants, obviously not to attract every man on streets, but to look good and also to be confident enough.

Let us see what is breast implants; A breast implant is a prosthesis used to enlarge the size of a woman's breasts, for cosmetic reasons, or to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy; or to correct genetic deformities, or as an aspect of male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. The treatment is also known as breast augmentation, breast enlargement, mammoplasty enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty etc...

Despite more than a decade of controversy over their safety and moral aspects, breast implants are more popular than ever among women who want to build upon what nature gave them or who want to restore what disease has taken away. Some women say that using breast implants to rebuild the breast, or changing it's size and shape significantly improves the quality of life for many women.

Whatever be the benefits of the implants for women, men seem to be a bit turned down by the idea of an artificial breasts. When it comes to sexual life, men always prefer to be as natural as possible. Even using a condom is intolerable for most of them. In that case an artificial breast or unnatural properties on her body, however, unacceptable. Even though most men cannot detect by touch that there are implants, some men can, and it bothers some men to be reminded of that during intimate moments. This is an area well worth exploring with a partner prior to getting implants.

But on limelight, every man wishes his wife to be attractive and sexy to the envy of other men. Thus breast implants may be welcomed in that aspect. The most important aspect is that the breast augmentation is something that a woman does for herself alone, and not for anyone else. It is rare, and not appropriate, for a woman to want to have implants just because her partner wants her to do so. It must be mentioned that there apparently is a small number of men who are opposed to breast augmentation on personal grounds, religious, philosophical, emotional, social etc.

Some men may develop insecure worries about the increased attention that their woman may attract after a cosmetic surgery. They fear that they may have a more difficult task in keeping other men away. The highly possessive partners always react to cosmetic surgery in a negative way. The male insecurity also comes into play in another way, with fears raised by the fact that the woman wants implants in the first place. The male mind works in ways that are at least a little foreign or mysterious to most women. Knowing that the woman in his life wants implants can sometimes throw a man off-balance.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 12:52 [IST]

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