The Best Time For Making Love Is..

Best Time Make Love
There is really no time and place as far as the best lovemaking is concerned. It depends on your mood, your partner and more than everything else, on you. However there are certain factors that do affect your chances of reaching orgasm. Timing is one of them. There is no set rule for the best time to have sex. There are only generalisations that can be drawn from scientific data and collective experience.

Here are some of the timing factors related to the best lovemaking that can happen between you and your partner.

What Is The Best Time For Love Making:

1. Morning Shows The Day: Morning sex is something that few people try. But those who have are never dissappointed. Early in the morning is one the best times to have sex for both partners. The natural intimacy of waking up next to each other helps. So does the fact that the somnolence or sweetness of sleep has not yet left you. To put it cut and dry, a man is most naturally erect in the morning.

2. After A Good Sleep: When do you feel most energetic? After a good sleep when your body is rested and rearing to go. So that is also one of the best times to have sex. Doesn't matter if it is late afternoon on a Sunday or early morning on a weekday. You will be super satisfied with your own performance.

3. After Taking A Shower: If there is anything that rejuvenates you after sleep, then it is a hot shower. The best love making can happen after you shower; preferably, shower together. Even if you have come home tired after a long grueling day, a shower can make you feel as sensual as possible. So the mantra for a healthy love life is to hit the shower as many times as you can.

4. Is It Her Time Of The Month? It may not be the most prudent safe sex advice but it surely is a great lovemaking tip. If it is the woman's unsafe period (the 10th to 18th day of her cycle) then she will be all hormonal and drunk on sensuality. Your chances of getting pregnant might be very high at this time. But so are your chances to reach a big orgasm.

5. Are You Both Equally Turned On? It is pivotal that both partners are equally turned on when you begin intercourse. If one partner is in the depths of passion and the other is not quite done with the foreplay part, then it is wise to wait for the later to catch up. If you go ahead in a flow, your partner will leave you high and dry. This is possible when both partners participate equally to make it the best love making session ever.

To get your timing right, use these love making tips.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2012, 16:51 [IST]

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