Sensual Spots In Women Of Different Zodiac Signs!

Sensual Spots Women
A sensuous lovemaking session with your woman always begins with a good foreplay. Foreplay is all about arousing and exciting your partner, beyond the point of no return. A good arousal seldom fails to give your woman a good orgasm.

To ensure that you and your partner have a very good and fulfilling lovemaking session, recognize the sensual spots in your woman, so that she is very excited. Sensual spots in your woman depends on the zodiac sign. You can check out the sensual spots in women that will simply turn her on.

Sensual spots in women of different zodiac signs:

Aquarius: The most erogenous zone in an Aquarius woman are her ankles and calves. Hold your Aquarius woman's ankles together or tie them together and gently massage her, run you fingers up and down her calf muscles to excite her.

Pisces: The erotic spots of a Pisces woman, is very similar to that of an Aquarius woman. Her feet is the most erogenous spot. Gently scratching her feet, and sucking her toes is a real turn on.

Aries: The sensual spots for a woman of this zodiac sign is the head or face. Simply combing the hair, fiddling with her hair or gently brushing it enough to excite your woman. Touching her lips with your fingers, blowing hot air into her ears, massaging the temples, kissing her eyelids, rubbing your rough and stubble skin against her skin are sure ways to send a chill down her spine.

Taurus: The most sensitive zone in a Taurus woman is her neck. Kissing on the neck, caressing her neck while putting on a necklace, mildly biting the neck are some of the easy ways to turn on a Taurus woman.

Gemini: The palms and hands are the most erotic zones in a Gemini woman. Just kissing the finger tips and the insides of the palm are enough to excite a woman of this zodiac sign. Sucking the fingers slowly and sensually, also ensure a good foreplay. Kissing her all the way up to her shoulders, while lingering a little longer on the insides of the arm, will set her on fire.

Cancer: A kiss, a deep long one, is sure way to get going with your Cancer woman. The other part that is most erogenous is the breast. Kissing, kneading, gently biting or suckling is just the way to turn her on.

These are the sensual spots in women of different zodiac signs. Check out the erogenous spots of other zodiac signs in the forthcoming article.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 16:23 [IST]

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