Solution To The Fears Of Fatherhood

The situation is tensed. Your wife is in the operation theater about to give birth to a child and you have no clue how will you take up the new role of a father. You were a husband and a son till yesterday and now you will be a father. The happiness quotient is high but at the same time fear of handing it is at its peak.

Father's have always been the hero of the child. You are the first man in the child's life and your responsibility is no less than the mother. Here are the top seven fears of fatherhood and their solution -

1.How To Hold The Baby? - Babies are delicate and thus they need support to keep their body erect. While carrying the baby, you should support the baby's back and the neck.

2.How To Help? - You can help. All it needs it a bit of knowledge. While you wife is breastfeeding the baby, you can prepare his bed. Make sure you keep two side pillows on both side of the bed. This is to make sure that the baby does not roll off the bed.

3.How To Be The Hero? - Mother plays an important role in the upbringing of the baby but fathers too have their own charm. When you are at work, your baby misses you. To be close to him, you need to spend quality time. Take the baby along with you for walk, play baby games and most important is talk to the baby.

4.How To Handle Mother And Child? - Don't forget that your new role of the father does not in any way undermine your responsibility towards your wife. Soon after delivery, to take care of the baby is very stressful for the mother. You need to support her. Stay by her side in all the baby tasks, like changing the diaper, washing clothes, lull the baby to sleep, keep the baby engaged while your wife is working. The most important thing is, spend time with her. Talk to her and meet her needs.

5.How To Handle Finance? - Now a new member has come and it's upbringing is a costly affair. Like every father you too would want to have the best for the child. To make this possible, you need to have a well planned out monthly budget. Have a monthly budget note book. Write down all the bills and the expenses of the month. Divide your money accordingly. Give away the bills immediately, so that you have the exact figure which is left for the family. Keep a set of money aside only for the baby. Whenever you buy something for the baby take the cash from that drawer, so that the babies expenses does not get mixed up with other household expenses. This will restrict you from over spending.

6.How To Manage Time? - When you were only a husband then you may have enjoyed being a party animal but now being a father, the parties have to become second priority and you won't feel bad about it either. It does not mean that you have to kill your social life but you need to priorities your family life.

7.How To Understand Your Baby's Need? - The secret lies in spending maximum time with him. When he feels hungry?, what he needs?, what's his favourite? etc, you will come to know only after spending some time with him and after getting involved in his upbringing. It takes time like it does to know any other person.

This new gift in your life will change it completely and will make you a family man in true sense. Take care of the gift and congratulations on being a father.

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