Intersexuality: Preventions and Treatments

Intersexuality can be prevented if one comes to know about its symptoms at an early stage itself. There may be an ambiguous genitalia or unusual appearing genitalia at birth for the intersexual babies. They may also have micropenis or hypospadias or apparently undescended testes. Some of the intersexual babies possesss Partial labial fusion or Clitoromegaly or Labial or inguinal masses.The intersexuals may show electrolyte abnormalities, delayed or absent puberty and unexpected changes at puberty as part of their intersexuality.


There are some signs and tests for intersexuality. One can detect intersexuality through chromosome analysis or hormone level tests. Hormone stimulation tests and electrolyte tests give effective examination of intersexuality. Specific molecular testing or endoscopic examination verifies the absence or presence of a vagina or a cervix. Ultrasound or MRI evaluates whether internal sex organs are present. Once these tests prove positive a team of healthcare professionals with expertise in intersex should work together to understand and treat the child with intersexuality as well as to understand, counsel, and support the entire family.

The treatment of an intersexual person should not be based on the external genitals but on a thorough analysis of the chromosomal gender. An intersexual should not choose female sexual roles based on the easy reconstructions of female genitalia. In addition, other factors such as chromosomal, neural, hormonal, psychological, and behavioral factors can also influence gender identity and gender satisfaction than functioning external genitals.Since intersexuality is a complex issue, its treatment also has short and long term consequences. Morover if the intersexuals do not want surgery, there are many support groups who argue for their rights and provide counselling to their families and friends.


Here are lists of organizations that argue for the rights of intersexuals and provide counselling for better living.


Email: neeti0@lycos .com

c/o Roberta Rappaport
2945 W. Farwell Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645-2925
Email: KSinfo@aaksis.org

Hypospadias & Epispadias Association
240 W. 44th St.
Suite 2
New York, NY 10036

Intersex Society of North America
979 Golf Course Drive #282
Rohnert Park CA 94928

Turner Syndrome Society Of The United States
14450 TC Jester, Suite 260, Houston TX 77014
P: 832-249-9988; F: 832-249-9987
Email: tssus@turner-syndrome-us.org

Email: info@xyxo.org

The XXYY Project
PO Box 460625
Aurora, CO 80046-0625
Phone: (303) 400-3456
Fax: (303) 400
Email: info@xxyysyndrome.org-3454

Intersexuality is not a life threatening deformity. What intersexuals need most in their lives is support and acute counselling.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 17:57 [IST]

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